Friday, 10 July 2015

Yogi Mono Fast: Day 23

Two weeks ago, I felt my addictions fading. I didn't feel a craving when I walked past the bakery and smelled cookies. I am not rummaging around the kitchen trying to satiate an unknown hunger. I wasn't obsessing over food, but starting to prepare it with joy. Things were looking up!

When I first started this mono fast, I had a picture in my head of what my addiction would look like if it were visible. It was a black blob of negative energy, attached to my back with tentacles spread all through my body. As I felt that blob losing its grip on me, I also felt that it was struggling to hold on tighter, like you would hold on to the edge of a cliff with your fingertips. It was desperate to stay!

A few days after I noticed this fading addiction (and its desire to keep a grip on me), I started getting horrible stomach cramps. I first thought it was a virus, but I felt fine otherwise. The cramping would come on suddenly, and then slowly fade after an hour or two. I then wondered if it was due to the rice in my soup (rice can cause food poisoning if not handled properly), but there weren't any other symptoms. I then wondered if it was from eating too much fruit, so decided to cut out fruit and just eat vegetables along with my soup. Nothing really fit - I would get the cramping at random times: before meals, after meals, no fruit, no soup; it just didn't make any sense.

Several days ago, I was feeling slightly discouraged and meditated on the issue. A very clear picture came to me in my mind of the black energy wrapping itself around my stomach and squeeeeezing it very hard. There was a malicious intent behind the action, and I recognised this as a true representation of what was happening to my body. I also immediately recognised that I could do something about it! So as I carried on meditating (Kirtan Kriya, fyi), I envisioned the black energy dissipating into atoms and being absorbed by my body. After the atoms were absorbed, I imagined a white light surrounding my stomach, and I knew without any doubt that I wouldn't have any more stomach cramps. I also felt prompted to banish any and all demons who were hanging around me, feeding and encouraging my food addictions. After I finished meditating, I did so.

So these cramps were happening every day, at least once, with no obvious physical cause. The cause was spiritual! Since I deleted the black energy from my body, I have not suffered from a single stomach cramp, regardless of how much fruit/vegetable/soup I've eaten, or when I've eaten it. Bliss!

The black energy (my addiction) is still hanging around in the background, but it isn't attached to me anymore. I am confident that I will be able to get rid of it for good, and soon.

This experience has been utterly fascinating to me. I totally believe in the power of the mind, and what I engaged in was a pretty awesome power of the mind experience. But I also believe in the spiritual realm, and I know that Satan and his followers are out to destroy our mortal experience, by whatever means possible. I believe that I had a few evil spirits hanging out, trying to get me to ruin my health and block out the Spirit through unhealthy eating choices. God wants me to treat my holy temple body with love, respect and enjoy it! God wants me to break this addiction, and I am doing it with His help. I have tried and tried to break my sugar and food addictions, but this is the first and only time I have called upon Him in every way possible for help - and it is working. 

Light conquers darkness, always. Shadows cannot exist in the same space as light. I am a being of light: Happy, Healthy and Holy. With the tools God has given me, and with the power of the Atonement, I can conquer addictions. I will stand in His light, and the darkness will flee. Every time.

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