Monday, 27 July 2015

Yogi Mono Fast: Day 39

Tomorrow I will reach 40 days straight of eating mung bean soup for all my meals each day with the addition of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some dairy.

The experience has been eye-opening. Food and eating is so intrinsically connected to the mind, body and spirit, and I have really enjoyed learning that first hand.

At first, I was hungry all the time. Some days I would get hungry again less than an hour after eating a meal or substantial snack. I believe this was because my body was so starved for nutrients, that when I finally started giving myself healthy options, I was desperate for more. After about two weeks of feeling like this, my body was finally satisfied and slowed down on the hunger cues. I never restricted calories, but I was eating fewer calories overall - it's hard to overeat fresh fruits and vegetables, but very easy to do with crisps, cakes and chocolate!

My black blob of addiction and trapped emotions lost its grip on me and is now completely gone. I don't feel the pull of addictive eating, although I am treating myself like a life-long addict and will not eat refined sugar (or any of its other names) again for the rest of my life. I don't plan on eating white bread again, either. Well, bread in general. I have a thing for bread; it's a trigger food and I will happily eat tons of it which displaces room for vital nutrients in other foods.

Sugar and bread are out - but so many other foods are in! A friend of mine laughingly said that I eat like a monk, but I don't feel that way at all! I am eating amazing fruits and vegetables, full of wonderful nutrients that uplift and support my body's functions. I feel light and clear-headed. I don't wake up groggy and "hungover" after a late-night sugar binge. (a common occurrence only 2 months ago)

I don't feel restricted by my new eating habits; I feel free. There are many, many recipes out there I plan to try and with my cleansed palate I will enjoy them all the more.

Forty days eating the same main meal is quite a long time. At the beginning, I thought I would carry on for 80 days, maybe even longer. But now? I am not so sure. I am not getting bored of mung bean soup as such; I add different veggies every time I make a new batch and I really enjoy the spices in it. But living as part of a family and making two meals each day, it gets a bit tricky. Having such a restricted diet in the long-term is probably not a good example to my children and certainly limits where we can go out to eat (hint: nowhere)!

Because I feel like my black blob is completely gone, it does seem like overkill to carry on with the fast. I think that if I do, the monofast will devolve into disordered eating rather than something uplifting and helpful (which it certainly has been so far). The more I consider it, the stronger I feel about ending it at 40 days and moving on to eating more variety in my daily meals. If things go wrong, at least now I know what works for me!

It has been a wonderful journey. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to reset their health, break food addictions, or recover from illness or injury. The soup itself is highly nutritious and I have lost nothing but addictions, weight and unhealthy habits. What I've gained has been priceless.

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