Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Keep up.

Meditation and Yoga are awesome for you. But sometimes, doing awesome things for yourself seems monumentally difficult, doesn't it? Reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, attending your Sabbath day meetings and visiting the temple -- and now I'm telling you to do MORE STUFF? The nerve!

I recently completed my 40-days-in-a-row-without-missing-one Nabhi Kriya. By the last week, I was facing some serious opposition. I was putting it off until right before bed (ugh), I was telling myself lies about how much I disliked doing it, or how hard it was (it used to be, but I'm strong now). I was giving myself some major opposition and I was probably experiencing opposition from outside forces, too.

But I did it! I did those crazy leg lifts every day for 40 days straight, and I feel fantastic about it. My body is stronger, and I feel ready to take on an even crazier kriya for another 40 days. This morning, I started day 1 of my newest kriya, from a book, Owner's Manual for the Human Body by Yogi Bhajan. I get to do all sorts of stuff, like breath of fire in bow pose (whuuut), 54 cobra lifts (double-whuuuut) and half wheel pose for six-and-a-half minutes!! What makes me laugh is that I was praying about what kriya to do next, and was given this one as my answer - it is called "Optimum Health" and every movement uses muscle groups that I've been wanting to work on separately with push ups and squats and whatevers. This kriya will cover all of that, plus I'll become a "lighthouse" as I do it!

I love kundalini yoga. It has transformed my life in so many ways, and it's just so efficient. As I have carried on with my daily practice, I have been kept up by the hand of God in every aspect of my mortal existence. I have learned and re-learned that God is interested in everything that matters to me. He is there to listen to my prayers and wants to answer them. Life is good.