Saturday, 17 October 2015

Healing my sore throat

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The other day, I told a lie. It was a whopper - out and out, no way around it sort of a lie. I like to think that I am a truthful sort of person. I must admit, I sometimes purposefully try to colour a story or anecdote to make myself seem a little bit more intelligent or funny than I am, but overall I try very hard to be truthful at all times. Being honest with oneself is probably the hardest thing of all, because we all like to paper over the cracks and pretend we are making better choices than we might actually be doing in reality.

The lie I told was one of those lies that can easily spin out of control and require you to tell more lies to cover up the first lie. Unfortunately, the lie affected one of my children and would have required her to cover up the truth as well, forcing her to lie.

It was not an ideal situation and I regretted it almost instantly. The day after my Big Lie was spoken, I noticed I was starting to get a sore throat. This surprised me a bit, because I have been eating healthier than ever before, and I haven't been around anyone who was sick. My immune system should be functioning at peak capacity, darnit! Why was I getting ill?

The answer came to me almost as soon as I pondered the question - I had a trapped emotion in my throat, causing it to get inflamed and sore. The specific emotion was conflict, which made perfect sense. I lied in order to achieve a specific outcome - of which I received - but I hated the way I got it. After releasing my trapped emotion, I felt a bit better, but I also felt like I should do a bit more work.

I found a perfect meditation to help my situation - a throat meditation!

The Throat Chakra also has to do with communication and creativity. It is our right to be heard. Physically this chakra is made up the ears, nose and throat. Imbalances in the chakra can manifest as: lying, gossiping, communication issues, inability to listen or hear, weak voice, dominating voice, sore throat, etc.

I purposefully put my body into imbalance by my actions, and it was not pleased with my choice. I had to set things right, so I did my meditation and wiped the slate clean with regards to my lie as well.

By the next morning, my throat was fine! No more aching, no more tingling. All back to normal.

While I do regret putting myself and my child in a tricky situation due to my lying, I also acknowledge that life experience brings wisdom and this little moment in my life has helped me further understand the impact my words and intentions have on my spirit and body. That deliberate act of putting myself into conflict really threw me off! I'm glad I have the tools to re-align myself to my Truth and my God, and that I am no longer ill.

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